Manufacturing and Product Testimonials

Just a few of the productions we have supplied product to:

Unsolicited Testimonials:

" ...Richard Sherry, who for those new to the art, is one of the finest Escapology effect manufacturers in the world today and, I believe, deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as Collins and McColl. "

Stuart Burrell, UK

" We wanted to extend a very warm and grateful thank you for having us at your incredibly cool space to film and also for teaching the actors so well! Once again, thank you so much! We're so excited to have been able to collaborate with you and be able to show off your cool "workspace" in our film! Much thanks and love, "

Caitlyn and Warren, Feature Film Jasmin Road

" I honestly love it! "

Colin Cloud, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

" Amazing! Beautiful! I can't wait until we can try out our new Water Torture Chamber. Richard Sherry up in Canada has built it by hand and it should arrive any day now. We have had numerous conversations regarding its performance. Modelling the Water Torture Chamber is his lovely wife the famed Escape Artist Dayle Krall who goes by the name Houdini Girl. "

Cynthia von Buhler, author of The Girl Who Handcuffed Houdini, New York, New York, USA

" A+ owner. Richard is a class act and a pioneer in magic. Richard has dared the impossible and established himself as the premier builder in the world. Thank you. "

Matt Cadabra, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

" But I wasn't the only consultant on the case. We couldn't have done it without Richard Sherry. His skills in the workshop are second to none. If you're thinking of having anything built for an escape you need to talk to this man. Not only that, but his experience of working this particular escape was invaluable. So thank you Richard for being on the end of the phone when we needed you. "

Ros Walker, London, England

" The tank arrived today. We love it. As soon as we get it up and running and placed on set, I’ll try and send pictures. Thanks again! "

Debbie W, Deception TV Show

" The drum has arrived. Everything looks great. I truly want to thank you for all your help in getting this made so quickly, and shipped out to me so fast. I do truly appreciate it. You do amazing work with your products and I can't thank you enough. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and colleagues! Thank you so much once again! "

Miles Thorn, New York, New York, USA

" I want to tell you that the finishing and quality is just spectacular. I have more than 20 illusions but this one it's just beautiful, perfect! I'm in love with this prop. "

Lucas Di Giacomo, Ibiza, Spain/New York, USA

" Houdini himself would be proud of your work Richard. Great job! By the way I really feel that you make the best WTC's that have ever been built. "

Dean Gunnarson, Canada

" If I were you I would look into the Water Cell made by Richard Sherry of Calgary. Richard's tank is small and one must crouch to get into it. I personally think this is better psychologically because it gives the impression of a claustrophobic nightmare or death trap to the audience. Seek out Richard Sherry of Calgary, Alberta. He offers many unique and original alternatives for the modern performing Escapist. "

Steve Santini, Canada

" Your products are very handsome. Very handsome indeed. "

Teller of Penn and Teller, Las Vegas, USA

" I've just returned from your web site, your cell picture made me drool!! It's a beautiful cell, simply beautiful!! Great work, would love to see it in person, check it out! Man does it bring back memories!!! "

Steve Baker, USA

" That is gorgeous!! Thank you so much!...Wow! "

Spencer Horsman, Baltimore, MD, USA

" Hey Richard ! You rule ! Thanks again for all your help! I'll let you know how it goes ! If I ever need anything to be built I will only call you ! You are truly a master illusion builder ! "

Adam Cardone, Ridgewood, NY, USA

" I also wanted to say how impressed I was by your work on the Water Torture Cell… as the company beat out by Gaughan for the refurbishment and the marketer of the miniature repros, we had every opportunity to study the original. Your reproduction is phenomenal… better than the work John did on the restoration for Copperfield. You should be proud."

Dave Dorsett, Douglas~Wayne Illusioneering, Macomb, IL, USA

" I just wanted to say how surprised I was when I went to your web site. Jon Oliver had told me about your workmanship and to be honest, I did not believe him.

It is great to see someone who does quality work; and at such incredible prices!!!

I don't know if Jon told you, but my father's family had the original cell in their basement on Payson Ave, in New York, when he was a boy.

We take GREAT PRIDE in the Houdini history, and do not care for those who would do it any harm."


John C. Hinson, Nephew to Houdini, Worcester, MA, USA

" I gotta say again you did a wonderful job on the buzz saw. In fact your work with the tanks is so on target. "

John Bundy, South Plainfield, NJ, USA
"I am very impressed by your range...Your stuff looks great! The tank arrived this afternoon! It's beautiful! "

Jonathan Goodwin, Los Angeles, CA, USA
"I just wanted to let everyone know about Richard Sherry's fantastic work as an escape builder. The craftsmanship is wonderful and the escape performs like a dream. If you are serious about your escape work and have not checked Richard's work out do yourself a favor and go their now. Thanks for everything Richard. Everyone could learn from you on how you treat your customers...truly top notch. "

Tony Chapparo, Albuquerque, NM, USA
" I am amazed that Richard took the challenge of building a cage for the Torture Cell. The artist who came up with the concept (whoever it was) would be pleased (and thrilled) to see that his idea really works! Nice work you guys! "

Micky Hades, Calgary, AB, Canada
" I performed the Dollhouse Illusion this last weekend. I designed an oriental theme around it and used the effect to close the show. The response was HUGE! There were audible gasps from the audience, followed by thunderous applause. Thank you for creating such a fantasic illusion! "

Kent Wong, Edmonton, AB, Canada
" I cannot believe that your company built that! That looks just like an O___'s product. Absolutely beautiful!"

Gill Martinez, Las Vegas, NV, USA
"I am very happy with the escape I received from Richard, the workmanship is great, and I will get many years from this prop it is made so good, and I was impressed with the way it was packed, and of course during and after it was built the feed back from Richard was outstanding , truly a master builder and a gentleman." "

Zendini, International Escapologist
"My order arrived today. I am extremely pleased with the workanship. We will definately be doing business together!"

Mark Cannon, California, USA
"Thank you for letting me visit your showroom. It has been a real treat. Your products are amazing!"

Richard Young, Calgary, AB, Canada
"I just viewed your prodcuts on your website they look fantastic! Please keep me updated with any new items you create!"

Tony Laughlin, Australia
" That is an awesome looking escape! From what I see in the pictures it ticks a lot of the boxes that make for a real classic: serious restraints, tight confinement, potentially lethal peril - and all the props look very solidly made and convincing. The blindfold is a nice added touch as well. Overall, I think Houdini himself would have been impressed."

MC, England
" I'm happy to say I received my order yesterday. I am very happy with how it looks and operates. Thanks for all your updates throughout the process. I will definately be a future customer."

Tristen Christ, Wisonsin
" Richard, the Water Torture Cell looks beautiful man! The stocks are magnificant. Thanks for all your hard work."

Ben Whiting, Georgia
" Yes is arrived yesterday. It's a very very perfect Work. Congratulations. It's a Dream Illusion and not a WTC! :o)) Thanks soo much. "

Mariano Donat, Switzerland
"I will never end to congratulate with You for Your genius in the art of escape. I just saw Fatality and the combination is terrific! "

Andrew Basso, Italy

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